Meet our newest board member – Natalie Keyes!

by Natalie Keyes

ndbk_intro_picAs a student barely out of freshman year, I was very pleased but also somewhat surprised when I got an email from the staff of A Day in the Life, asking whether I would join their blog as a high school board member. I met Amy, Nancy, and Megan, the founders of this blog, at the ASPIRE physics workshop I attended at OSU last summer. Little had I imagined when I signed up for it that the program would open doors for me far beyond the fascinating two days I spent learning about neutrinos and radio waves! I guess I must have done something right at the workshop, because here I am, typing this introduction. I’m so excited to join A Day in the Life and help ensure that its content is accessible and interesting to the target audience, high school students like me.

I have yet to take a physics course in school at this point, but I have been a science kid for as long as I can remember. My interests have evolved gradually over the years from math to astronomy to my great twin loves, physics and computer science. Curiosity about these topics and most anything STEM has led me to do a great amount of self-directed learning, an odd result of which is the fact that I know more about relativity than basic mechanics. I enjoy spending time reading books on theoretical physics and coding in various languages. I am also excited to be the head of the Software group this year for the Columbus School for Girls FIRST Robotics team.

However, one of the most unique and interesting science experiences that I’m anticipating in the coming year is this opportunity to work on A Day in the Life. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of physics, from the basics to the coolest frontiers, and delighted to help share that knowledge with others through contributing to this incredible blog!