Happy New Year!

by Megan Harberts and Nancy Santagata

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Happy New Year from A Day in the Life in Physics at OSU!

2013 has been a busy year for us at A Day in the Life (ADitL): we’ve added a new member of the editorial board, continued to build our following in the US and all over the world, and expanded our use of social media. We would never have been so successful without the support of our readers, so we would like to extend a great big Thank You!

After starting ADitL in July 2012, we (Professor Amy Connolly, postdoc Nancy Santagata, and graduate student Megan Harberts) were joined by high school student Jasneet Singh. We were excited for Jasneet as she left the board almost a year later upon graduating from Columbus School for Girls and enrolling as a freshmen at THE Ohio State University. We are very happy to be joined by Jasneet’s former schoolmate, Meredith Meyer, who excels at ensuring that our posts are understandable for a high school audience.

Since our last New Year’s post, we have published 25 new blogs written by a diverse group of female and male contributors that address a variety of topics.  Our most popular post to date is Archana Anandakrishnan’s account of the three role models who inspired her to become the scientist that she is today.  Achana’s story has also helped us develop a large following in her home country of India and we are excited to see so much more color on our “Top Views by Country” statistics map.  As Helena Reichlova appropriately wrote, Physics Works Best if International, and we couldn’t agree more!


Hello World!

Other popular posts for the past year have been Tori Boggs’ exuberant connection between the amazing sport of jump rope and the science behind it, Andy Berger’s explanation of the sizes of things that are smaller than microscopic, and Calen Henderson’s account of his adventures searching for exoplanets in South Korea.  Calen’s post was also shared on the news site of the National Science Foundation!

We have also been expanding our social media presence.  We have almost 200 followers on our Facebook page and have also tackled Twitter.  There we not only share our blog posts, but other cool science stories that we think may be of interest to our readers. Twitter is such a great tool for sharing science, which is one of the things Megan learned when she attended a conference on communicating science, ComSciCon, in Boston in June. Megan enjoyed meeting other graduate students who run websites that help make science accessible, like Astrobites, among others, and received tons of positive feedback on ADitL blog.  Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already!

In closing 2013, we want to thank all of our contributors and readers for making this past year so much fun.  We look forward to sharing more great stories with you in 2014!  To help ensure that our posts remain relevant and fun, we would love for you take a few minutes to answer three questions and provide some feedback for us.  We encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments as well!

Thanks again everyone!  Happy New Year!


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