We want to hear from you!

Several of our recent posts have highlighted stories about women facing a new challenge in their scientific career.  Whether it be taking an important exam, trying research for the first time, or presenting their work to colleagues, the stories have all emphasized that the experiences built scientific confidence. What experiences have you had that built your confidence? Have you done well on a test or tried something new?  Please share your story with us!

One thought on “We want to hear from you!

  1. Last spring I entered a poster competition in the physics department. I figured that I probably wouldn’t win since there are only a couple of prizes and I don’t have very much experience yet. I was nervous when I found out that two of the professors who I took classes with would be my judges. When talking to them I often experience that feeling that I have to be careful what I say because I know they know more than me so I am worried about saying something wrong, similar to the stereotype threat. But this was a poster on my research, so I was the expert. I actually felt really good about how I answered their questions and my ability to present my research. I am really glad I entered the competition and while I didn’t win, I did honorable mention which boosted my confidence even more!

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